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In childhood, many of us tried to keep a personal diary. For what? The reasons are different, here are some of them.

Firstly, sometimes there is a need to deal with feelings and emotions, to analyze the state of mind. Secondly, there are situations when you just need to talk it out, but there is no understanding listener at this moment, so an inquiring teenager or adult turns to paper that will endure and will not blush. And thirdly, there are people who just love to write, they like it, they do it, and it often happens that then these people become writers and, perhaps, our children will study them at school.

Why write something in a diary

Why write something in a diary

On the Internet there are many original ideas for a personal diary, mainly how to design it. But a form without content is nothing, therefore, if you decide to write in a diary, you need to determine the purpose of writing. Why did you decide to start it? There are as many answers as there are people. Someone wants to leave a memory to their descendants, someone had an important moment in their life, someone simply does not have a spiritual companion. Each of these goals is justified, because it requires the inner world, it gives comfort, and you deserve it. Feel free to yourself, try to write down thoughts for a couple of days and maybe you will like it.

And when is it better to write down the stories of your life? There is no definite answer, this is a personal diary, and you decide for yourself when to write something in it. Many people like to reflect on their feelings and introspect in the evening, when daytime activities are left behind, no one bothers and you can listen to your inner voice. Most likely, this is the most suitable time. But, of course, this does not stop you from taking a diary with you to school and imprinting stealthily, in the classroom, a couple of your thoughts, or in the train, on the way to work, when there is a lot of time to think.

How to keep and keep a personal diary

How to keep and keep a personal diary

There are no strict rules for keeping a personal diary. The format and size of the notebook are not important either. You write when you want and the way you want, even upside down. But still, there are some generally accepted norms. Since this is an epistolary style, you must definitely date the notes, and you should not throw the notebook over a long period, as the fluidity of time is lost.

As for the idea of ​​decorating the diary, there’s just a wagon and a small cart on the World Wide Web! First, you need to think about how to design a cover. It should be very beautiful and original, because this is the business card of your diary. You can decorate the cover from the inside with various ornaments, paste funny stickers, cut it from somewhere and paste a picture that meets your mood. Cover the cover itself with colored paper, textured fabric, decorate with beads and even ruffles. By the way, the retro style is very fashionable now, it can be achieved with the help of old brown photographs, images of retro things, natural fabrics such as cotton, satin, burlap. All this is glued to the notebook with acrylic glue, using a glue gun, or simply sewn with a large needle with a thick thread. You can show your imagination, stick glitter, pebbles, dried and laminated autumn leaves, create everything that your heart desires!

On the first page of the diary, it’s worth writing basic information about yourself: who you are, how old you are, what you do, and also add personal, known to you one moments. If this is an electronic diary, upload your photo. In general, in the electronic version of the diary there are unlimited possibilities for design: download interesting pictures, quotes from famous people from the Internet, everything that matches the mood at the moment.

Well, then proceed to filling out the diary. Who has never done this, will ask: “What to write?” Write what you would like to say to yourself. Are you in pain? Write about it, describe the cause of your pain, what you felt, experienced, what conclusions you made. Do you feel happiness and emotion overwhelm you? It happens that you shouldn’t immediately share your happiness with some envious girlfriends or friends, better first reveal your joy to your personal diary, and then, when the storm settles down, you can share it with others. Write down what is taking your thoughts at the moment, perhaps in the future it will explain some of your actions. And certainly, after many years, it will be interesting to look through your personal diary, remember what kind of person you were then and smile from the surging memories.

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For what?
Why did you decide to start it?
And when is it better to write down the stories of your life?
Who has never done this, will ask: “What to write?
Are you in pain?
Do you feel happiness and emotion overwhelm you?