How to get rid of spiders in the apartment, as well as in the office or at the cottage

  1. Chemical pest control - reliable and tough
  2. Tested folk remedies
  3. The most modern way

Table of contents:

  1. Chemical pest control - reliable and tough
  2. Tested folk remedies
  3. The most modern way

By themselves, homemade creature spiders are quite harmless. They live quietly in the corners and behind the cabinets, weave their webs and touch no one except the flies. Well, they get out from time to time from their lair - they say it is for news or news from afar. And their behind it - a newspaper or sneakers. What can you do, the main owners of the apartment, having discovered the multi-eyed and multi-legged “veteran”, panic, and are not averse to finding out how to get rid of the spiders in the apartment once and for all.

Chemical pest control - reliable and tough

To solve the problem quickly and efficiently, you can do the following operations:

  1. To call the staff of the sanitary station or the disinsection service. They work quickly, and if you are not the owner of a four-storey villa with a bunch of basements, where you can just get rich, every month processing all the rooms one after the other, then you’re conscientious. A couple of hours - eight-legged weavers in your home as it was.
  2. Go to the supermarket and in the department of household chemicals to buy a special aerosol. Suit those whose basis is chlorpyrifos. You need to process all walls and surfaces where spiders can nest, then tightly close the doors to the room and leave it for half an hour. After that it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning.
  3. If chlorpyrifos was not found, it can be replaced with alternative means - Butox 50 and Neoron. These are also aerosols, they are used in a similar way. But the latter is quite aggressive and is used mainly for the disinsection of industrial and agricultural premises.

It is important that after removing the spiders from the apartment also remove the entire web. It is in her that the spiders lay eggs, from which a new generation of spiders is then obtained. Skip at least a piece of web with a larva - and the uninvited guests will return to the house again.

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Tested folk remedies

If there are spiders in the house, how to get rid of them without chemicals? After all, at the dacha there are almost always real pets that, through negligence, can eat spider poison and get poisoned. Here will help this popular way:

  • remove the entire web by wrapping a cloth around a mop sprinkled with an anti-insect spray such as “Raid”. Then carefully put the rag into the bag without rinsing it, and throw it in the trash immediately;
  • process all walls and baseboards with crayons from cockroaches and other insects. Spiders are not afraid of crayons, but all their food will emit from it. And where there is nothing to eat, there is nothing to dwell on;
  • place containers with acetic acid throughout the house for at least a couple of days;
  • do general cleaning in basements and cellars, re-whiten or paint the walls. Spiders disgust smell of lime and paint, they will escape themselves.

And do not forget to tighten all the vents in the house with nets, cover up the gaps and cracks in the floor and baseboards.

The most modern way

Internet advertising is also not left aside, and gives his advice on how to get rid of spiders. You should buy an electronic radio repeller - at a ridiculous price with an incredible discount, and only today when you buy two devices, the third is given as a gift, apparently enough for all the neighbors - to insert it into the outlet and wait a bit. Spiders scared by ultrasound will shamefully escape from your home, grabbing bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other undesirable people for the company. It would be nice if so. But reviews of such devices are very contradictory, and therefore the effectiveness of this method is difficult to guarantee.

Get rid of spiders?