How to check the natural nubuck or not. Care for nubuck shoes.

  1. What is nubuck?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of the material
  3. How to clean?
  4. Is it possible to recover?
  5. Necessary cleaning products
  6. Color recovery

Leather shoes are always the right choice! Of particular popularity is now gaining products from nubuck. It is understandable, because in it, your feet will always breathe the summer heat and never feel the cold in the frosty winter. It is light and comfortable to wear and made of high-quality, natural material.

But many people are still afraid to buy shoes from nubuck, as it is believed that she is very "capricious" in the care. In fact, everything is very simple! With proper treatment, it will serve you for a long time and will not lose its gloss and presentation.

What is nubuck?

What is nubuck

In the manufacture of nubuck used leather In particular, cattle, it distinguishes it from suede, although outwardly they are very similar.

Nubuck is primarily a type of leather that is processed and ground with sand or other fine materials.

Natural - made from animal skin, has a fleece facial surface. The most fastidious in the care, while it has a low wear resistance. Big plus natural - this is an excellent breathability.

Artificial - made of synthetic materials, looks very similar to natural. It is much cheaper, although it has greater durability, is easy to maintain, is resistant to moisture, but does not let air in at all, unlike natural.

Oil - in the manufacture of being treated with a special substance, due to which it becomes not completely soak through. It is very easy to care for him, has excellent durability, will serve you much longer than natural. It differs from the usual slightly damp surface and weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the material

Advantages :

  1. Quality. It is made from natural materials.
  2. Durability and durability. It will last you a very long time.
  3. Breathability.
  4. Convenience to wear. Very comfortable to wear, your feet will always be comfortable and easy.
  5. Big choice. Now it is very popular and everyone will find a model for themselves.

Disadvantages :

  1. Whimsical care. Needs attention and proper care.
  2. Low moisture resistance. Natural and artificial material it gets very wet, in such a case you will not walk in rainy weather, this is a big minus of such products.

How to clean?

Do you want your shoes to look like on the day of purchase? Then you should start caring for her from the first day of your socks!

Since you decided to get a beautiful and expensive model, do not forget to buy one special means for the care of this type of skin. This is all sorts of brushes, sprays, impregnation, without these assistants care is impossible.

Let's look at the basic rules of cleaning and care:

  1. It is necessary to clean very carefully, do not rub with all the force on the surface, do everything gently and carefully. For these purposes, use a special rubber brushes for nubuck.
  2. Before the first exit to the street in a new pair , you need to treat the surface with a special water-repellent impregnation, which you need to immediately buy with shoes, otherwise your new shoes, boots, boots will not last for long! Before starting treatment, carefully study the instructions and process the surface at least three times. Let each layer dry, and then apply the next. This treatment should be repeated after walking in heavy rain or snowfall.
  3. Dry clean. On ordinary days, we clean it first with a dry brush, remove all the dust and dirt, nubuck brushes do a great job with it.
  4. Wet cleaning. After dry cleaning, we apply a special spray over the surface. It is important to choose the spray color of your shoes. It will help you not only get rid of getting wet, but also keep the color.
  5. To dry After wet cleaning, it should be well dried. If you have time, you can keep up with the steam so that the villi are finished.
  6. In winter , white traces remain or, as they are called, salt from the snow. It can be cleaned with a usual wet sponge, and then, as always, spray and dry.

Each owner, be sure to express a desire to wash it with plain water. But can this be done? Unfortunately not. Nubuck does not like moisture, and it is impossible to wash such shoes in the usual way for us, it quickly loses its appearance, becomes more rigid and it will be almost impossible to restore it!

Is it possible to recover?

Is it possible to recover

If you did not follow all the above rules, then, most likely, it completely lost its appearance. Is it possible to fix this situation? Yes, it is possible! If the usual methods could not help you at all, then contact a dry-cleaner; they will quickly restore it there. But get ready, that this service is quite expensive.

But in order to do without this procedure, you just need to follow the rules that you absolutely cannot do with nubuck shoes:

  1. It is necessary to clean only in a dry form. Wait until it dries, only then proceed to the treatment. Removing dirt and dust from a wet surface will only exacerbate the problem, stains and dirt will penetrate even deeper into the skin and then cleaning them from there will be an impossible task.
  2. Do not wash in a typewriter! Nubuck does not like moisture, washing it in a typewriter or washing it in the usual way for us, we ruin the shoes without a chance to recover. Remember that for strong stains, there are special shampoos and stain removers that will perfectly cope with this task.
  3. Never dry on the battery or other heaters.
  4. Do not use creams and foams that are not intended for nubuck products.
  5. Ironing products made of nubuck is strictly prohibited! Even from the seamy side. It will damage the villi, and it will be impossible to restore their previous appearance.
  6. Always brush the pile with a brush so that it does not lose its gloss. Or treat it with steam.
  7. Do not lean on or press on the shoes during cleaning , do everything carefully and carefully so as not to damage the surface.

If you are careless, put a very noticeable stain on your shoes, then in such a case there are a couple of ways:

  1. Spots are easily removed with the help of a simplestrip.
  2. In case of heavy pollution, you can use liquid ammonia diluted in water. But do not rub the stain, do everything neatly, after which, do not forget to dry the shoes well and spray them.
  3. To remove stubborn stains , there are special shampoos and stain removers for nubuck, they do an excellent job with stains of any complexity.

Necessary cleaning products

Necessary cleaning products

What should get, along with the purchase of a pair? What helpers do we need in daily nubuck care?

For dry cleaning:

  1. First of all, you need to get special brushes for nubuck. They will easily remove dust and dirt from your shoes. The choice of such brushes is very large in appearance and cost. They are one, two and three third-party, usually one row of hard pile to remove dust from the folds and seams of shoes, then rubberized pile, to clean the entire surface of the shoes and the third - metal, for more detailed cleaning.
  2. To remove stains and scratches , it is better to purchase a special eraser, but the usual one will also work.

For deep cleaning:

  1. Water-repellent impregnation. Be sure to get such an impregnation, it is she who prolongs the life of your shoes, and protects you from getting wet. It is better to choose the color of your shoes, such a huge amount of spray. The main thing is not to be stingy, expensive shoes need the appropriate expensive care!
  2. Shampoo. It will help you in the winter season to get rid of saline stains, as well as help to cope with stubborn stains and return the original look of your shoes.
  3. Tinting spray. If you bought a colorless impregnation, then tinting sprays will come to your rescue, they will quickly return the same color to your shoes.
  4. Do not forget about antibacterial sprays. If you got artificial nubuck then you will not interfere with such a spray. It will save you from unpleasant odors and microbes that you do not need.

Also, do not forget that proper storage also plays an important role:

  1. Store in tightly closed boxes or bags of textiles to protect it from dust. Do not forget that you can not keep shoes in plastic bags!
  2. Be sure to fill it with paper to avoid wringing and loss of shape.
  3. Before you hide in the box , do not forget to clean it thoroughly, spray and dry it, and only then hide it until next season.
  4. When it comes time to get out of the box , it is worth steaming so that it looks fresh and ready to wear.

Color recovery

Color recovery

To bring back and preserve the color of your product will help special tinting sprays mentioned above. And also, often, the impregnation for nubuck has a large range of colors for your product, buy not transparent, but color impregnation.

For some, it will always seem too complicated to care, but in fact, the main thing to remember are a few basic rules:

  1. Clean every day.
  2. Handle with water-repellent impregnation.
  3. Wipe only dry and use special nubuck brushes.
  4. Do not wipe with a wet washcloth.

Compliance with these simple rules helps you keep it in top condition. Such footwear is an expensive pleasure, it is made of high-quality materials and requires attention, but with proper care will serve you for years!

What is nubuck?
Is it possible to recover?
What is nubuck?
How to clean?
Do you want your shoes to look like on the day of purchase?
But can this be done?
Is it possible to recover?
Is it possible to fix this situation?
What helpers do we need in daily nubuck care?