How to create a book

The past time can not be compared with anything, only with those photos that move you back in time and allow you to share your story with others

The past time can not be compared with anything, only with those photos that move you back in time and allow you to share your story with others. Recommendations from our employees on how to make a book with photos better.

Tell your story

THINK OTHERWISE   Tell your story

An outstanding photo book always starts with a topic selection. What do you want to show in your book, what story do you want to tell? You will need to think through the whole concept from cover to cover in advance. Think about the order of the photos in the book, how they will look in your story, but do not forget to think about what will happen when your collection of books consists not only of one I-TOMA, but when it grows and will consist of many volumes? It can help you with the choice of a topic, remind you that you can add a year, a description, as well as a cover photo to underline the topic of this book. This may be the annual volume of photos from childhood (all the best photos for the year), you can also do collage and upload it as one single photo. Or maybe you want to document your "footprint in life" - climbing Kilimanjaro - and you need one big photo on the page .... so let your thoughts be endless.


Your images before uploading to the editor

Having a large collection of photos, to create a better book, you first need to decide on the location of the photo (one photo per page or collage ). Next, start sorting through your favorite photos. Think of your images: how they will look next to each other. Add variety through landscapes, portraits and photo details, it will give you a good perception for your book. You can upload photos from several sources, including: Instagram, VKontakte, mobile device or directly from your computer. If you are not sure about the resolution (size) of your images by uploading them to our editor, you can see the physical size of your photos. Do not worry, if your photos are less than 1400x1400 pixels, our system will let you know that this photo is not suitable for printing and will not let you upload it. Photos from iPhone 4S and older and other large JPG files are usually suitable. More information about image quality >>>>>


Choose the style that suits your story

Our Books and InstaBook have been designed to fit your life. Choose one option (for now) that best suits your story.

InstaBook - easy to create, it is necessary to select only 48 images. You can upload your photos and photos of your friends from Instagram (from any profile to which you are subscribed), social. networks, from a mobile device, as well as a computer. Suitable for a small handbag, perfect for a present, created on the fly .....

Book in t verdom binding - This is a book with a photo in a real book (!) hardcover (sewing threads, "book" binding 7BC) with a hard cover, designed for 96 pages of images. For the indoor unit of the Book, we use uncoated Premium Paper with wood fiber, which conveys a genuine and natural impression of color and black and white images. A hardcover book is the best choice to highlight your best days. Ideal for: creating a whole year, a vacation or an important event (big or small).

Why we love it:

  • You can add collages up to 200 photos in books
  • Customizable shirt (cover) to protect your book and showcase your favorite image
  • Large format photos, suitable for photos from travel
  • Makes a great gift for your parents.

Our Tip: Paper with wood fiber absorbs ink in a different way than you might expect. To better understand how your image will be printed, we recommend viewing the image on your computer with reduced brightness up to 50% - if necessary, adjust the brightness of the image.


Display one image per page

Our favorite layout templates contain one image per page, which allows your eyes to focus on the most important.

Remember that you can add your favorite Instagram photos to the process of creating the Book for 96 photos and InstaBook. Your Instagram photos can be used as a collage using third-party applications and loaded into our product in any layout on the page, 4x4, 5x5, or in combination with horizontal and vertical images. This will make your book more thoughtful.


Personalize your cover

Do not worry, it is - little things when it comes to choosing the name of the book - the words that leave an indelible impression, often the shortest and brightest. As the saying goes: "multiplicity is the sister of talent." Take a look at some of our favorite, short and honest titles: "My Life", "Hello World", "Italy", "Volume I", II, III, IV ...!


Do not worry that your photos are not in chronological order

Someday it turns out that you fussed in vain with a sequence of events. Breathe easy and calm :) - the photo in your book does not need to be done in chronological order. Dilute the book with detailed frames that look good together, for example, one photo from the early one, and another, when the child has already gone, at one turn. Or if you are creating a book from photos of recent vacations, do not be afraid to show some of the last moments first - mixing pictures into books never disappoints.


Tell your story through color, tone and texture

Instead of focusing on the sequence of events in your book, focus on the details, patterns and colors, tone and textures. Combining a single image object with a detailed coverage with precise detail on one spread is also a great way to add variety and balance to your book.

Experiment with different combinations of photos, they can also work well together for the process of creating a book is one great pleasure!

You have 7 of our tips for creating your best photo book. But if you just squander it down, having read only one casual advice, in the end, the book will be great anyway, because it is collected from your best moments - and this is what you are looking forward to.

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What do you want to show in your book, what story do you want to tell?